Green Gardiner Dental Clinic
Dr. Shayan Ahmad
B.D.S.(Pat) M.I.D.A
Oral & Dental Surgeon
Reg. No-2325/A

Mobile: +91 9334159894,   +91 9905093677

Services Available

Scaling (ultrasonic & manual)
Minor Oral Surgery
Fracture (face & Jaw)
Root Canal Treatment
Removal Denture
Fixed (Crown & Bridge)
Filling (Amalgam, Light Cure)
Cosmetic Filling
Orthodontic correction
X-ray & intra oral camera

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Green Gardiner Dental clinic.

Green Gardiner Dental Clinic was founded by Dr. Shayan Ahmad, member of Indian Dental Association, in 2007. His vision is to establish an exceptional dental institute that will offer holistic dental care services and provide patients and their families with an outstanding experience.

In 2008, driven by unsurprised growth in the number of patients and fueled by a passion for continuous development, the clinic management decided to relocate the Green Gardiner Dental Clinics to its new spacious premises in the prestigious Patna district.

Green Gardiner Dental Clinic boasts today Two specialized dental clinics and over 2 renowned dentists & Staffs covering all the dentistry fields.

Best Services

First Line Therapy / Treatment Option:
Visit our Dentist ASAP.The Dentist would drain the pus, resulting in immediate relief of sympotoms.
An antibiotic is prescribed for a few days after draining the pus, to treate / prevent any remaining enfections.
Over the counter pain relievers or other painkillers like paracetamol or ibuprofen could be prescribed to reliev toothache & fever.
Warm Salt-water rinses may be soothing.


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